#CCMAlive Social Wall

What is it?

Social Selling is basically a typically Nosey Irishman applying modern technology to generations of social interaction!



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It is about the Owner Manager who thinks Social Media is something that keeps his kids from talking to their parents. It is something the kids do!

They are not called “Social Networks” for nothing! And in Ireland, we are very familiar with social networks and some unsociable networks too. We have all had the nosey neighbours, the gossip, the bizzy body Auntie, and this is all it is about.

What is going on? Who are you Prospects? Where are they now? Who do they talk to? What do they talk about? How do they buy these days? How did you sell before Social Media? How do you “meet the people”? How do you get them to Know,Like and Trust you?

It’s a Jungle out there!



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The modern generation don’t talk on the phone you know?
But you can call me if you want. I will hide the phone number here shortly, but it is a Zero One number 2968952.

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