Social Media “So Me!”

Magic in the mystery of Social Media “So Me!”

“The Ultimate end game is getting more business, for thirty years the principal has been “MEET THE PEOPLE”, Social Media just helps your prospects get to KNIW, LIKE and TRUST you!”- Robert Moloney

I used to work with a guy who would ask me on a Monday morning, “So, how was your weekend?” And at some stage in my reply, he would cut in…. “And back to me!”  Social Media is just another form of that SOcial MEdia, SO ME! 

For many Owner Managers, Social Media is something their kids do on their phones, yet they miss the point.  Social Media is what they have always done themselves, just offline, we are all just nosey Irish after all! So it fits!

How is THAT relevant to getting more business? When I started selling in 1988, I know, the Berlin Wall was still up, it was ten years before Google and the so called World Wide Web had not been launched!  How did we survive?  Anyway, when I started selling, the Sales strategy was….

“Meet the People, Meet the People, Meet the People”

(-PComerford BA Systems!)  

And if you got in front of enough people, often enough, you got enough business to keep your job!

The more often you dealt with them, kept in touch with flyers, phone calls or service visits, then they got to “Know, Like and Trust” you!

Digital Marketing.

How Prospects find you & what they find.

How have you traditionally sold your wares?

Where are your customers? Where do they hang out? Who do they ask for recommendations? How do they know you exist? Why should they buy from you?

How do you “Meet the People”?

How do you get your Prospects to Know, Like and Trust you?

Would it help if you were working for you while you slept?

What have you got to lose from having a chat?:

“How have you always sold?   All we are doing here, is bringing that online!”