Live Streaming

“80% of companies say that delivering on Facebook Live is critical to their company goals —but 75% of them say they’re having trouble.”

Broadcasting live video is easier than ever!

Or so you will be lead to believe!  However, doing it well, in full HD, requires the right People, Process and Technology.

Live streaming is the delivery of Internet content in real-time, as events happen, much as live television. The live stream can be recorded or stored publicly as a Facebook Live Post or a YouTube video!

Streaming allows you to start using the content before the entire file is downloaded.   You can see the transmission as it happens, without downloading.

Streaming, It’s what we do!

Broadcasting high quality live video streams is essential to success.

62 percent of viewers are likely to view a brand more negatively if they publish a poor quality video.

In 2016, 81% of internet audience members viewed more live content than they did in 2015.

Facebook Live 

A powerful way to connect with YOUR followers and create new ones in a truly “social” manner.

Your customers and Prospects are tuning in from a pre-subscribed network because it’s from their friends,  or a brand or interest they follow.

You can stream live to all the social channels and also to our own servers worldwide, so you can hit any scale of paying audience with a high quality production!

How much does it cost to Train your dispersed staff? What is the Opportunity Cost of having them travelling to a centralised Training Course? Would it help if we brought them all together to share their separate experiences?

Streaming to Social Media, your own website, ours servers for large audiences.   Pay per view. Cut your training costs worldwide

Live streaming service

  • High quality streaming
  • Monetize video, make money broadcasting
  • Payment system/Merchant account included
  • Upload and embed video files
  • Embed videos.  Share on your website
  • Stream to mobiles. Reach desktops, smart phones and tablets
  • You own your brand and are able to upload your company’s logo
  • Adapt the player to match the look and feel of your website or broadcast.
  • Track viewer habits: after broadcasting, both live and on demand streams are provided rich analytics with demographics.
  • Secure hosting
  • Audio only live radio shows
  • Auto Archiving: Record Live Streams and save them as video files, deliver as video-on-demand (VOD) immediately to increase viewership, or download and edit before publishing.
  • A world of possibility!

Click here for more on streaming from many places, even around the world, at one time, interactively!

Live Stream Multi-Point Conference Service