Live Stream Multi-Point Conference Service

Think Eurovision meets Sky Sports!

What does it cost to being your teams from all over the world to one central location for training? 

If we could show you a way to do this better and cheaper, would that help?

What is the Opportunity Cost of taking your sales teams off the road?  If you could reduce this time, would that help?.

Would it also help to be able to workshop with your other teams from around the world without the loss of the travel time?

Would it help if we brought them all together to share their separate experiences?

Stream Securely, Privately, Point to Point, with Support!

A high end service, with the admin, account management, branding, show callers per venue, technical staff in each location to make it happen and all coordinated through one central hub.

Your speakers present as usually locally and can either be viewed just locally or in the other hubs.  Questions and answers can be handled across the world.

Workshops can be then held locally and representative presenters form each hub compete for the best results!

Why not video conference?

Yes, you may already have an internal conference system, you may use Skype, they have limitations, but we will work to minimise them and integrate your approach into the service.

Proactive, managed multi-point conference. 

We work with your Event Management company, your IT department and local AV providers to provide a service that makes the difference to you and/or staff, locally, nationally, Internationally! 

Streaming to Social Media, your own website, ours servers for large audiences. Pay per view.

Cut your training costs worldwide

More on Live streaming, click here.

Contact us, what have you got to lose?